European Stucco

Few products offer the style, elegance, and charm of traditional European stucco. At Stucco Expression, we specialize in using this underappreciated material to transform the look and feel of properties across the area.

We’re renowned for our design expertise, our artistry, and our immaculate artisanship. When you choose us, you can bet that our incredible European stucco will give you a breathtaking design.

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The Advantages of Our European Stucco Exteriors

Over the years, we’ve developed a reputation for our immaculate stucco work. Compared to the alternatives on the market, our product boasts the following advantages:

  • Customizable — Our stucco is a remarkably versatile and easily customizable building material. When you choose us, we’ll work with you to develop a completely custom design. From the color and texture to the finish and style, we’ll tailor the look according to your precise specifications.
  • Stylish — Our European stucco is a suitable choice for anyone looking for a high-style exterior. Whether you want a tropical, Mediterranean vibe or a traditional cottage aesthetic, you can count on us to create a stunning design for your property.
  • Protective — Stucco is already an incredibly durable material for siding and exteriors. At Stucco Expression, we ensure maximum protective capabilities with our careful application process. All our work uses real, genuine stucco, fabricated from cement and plaster. It provides strength, excellent protection, and even fire resistance.
  • Easy to Maintain — Unlike synthetic stucco (EIFS) or other alternatives, our traditional stucco is built to last a long time—and with very little maintenance. There’s a reason it’s held up so well for centuries on the other side of the pond. With it, there’s no need for regular upkeep or repair work. All it needs is a wash once in a while, and you’re good to go.
  • Cost-Effective — Despite its beauty, European stucco remains remarkably inexpensive. What’s more, the incredible value of our services makes it an even more affordable option. As a local operation, we keep a low overhead, which allows us to offer our stucco at an unbeatable price point.
  • Energy Efficient — Thanks to its high-density construction, traditional European stucco offers unparalleled capabilities as a material for insulation. It’ll help keep your interior temperate, saving you considerable sums of money on your heating and cooling. Plus, it protects against noise pollution.

Traditional Stucco Exterior, Traditional Artisanship

We use a time-honored, traditional application process for our European stucco. We apply the material layer by layer, carefully ensuring that it is even, consistent, and saturated. It’s meticulous work that combines skill, precision, and expertise. It’s craftsmanship at its finest.

Personalized Services from a Professional Stucco Contractor

Our stucco work comes with an unbridled commitment to customer service. We offer a personalized, boutique service experience, which helps us tailor our services to our customers. That way, we’re better able to customize our stucco work to suit your tastes and personality. With European stucco contracting services from Stucco Expression, you know you’re getting a singular, one-of-a-kind aesthetic for your exterior.

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